We receive many letters from the families we've served, thanking us for our caring service during their loss. Their words warm our hearts and speak to you of our professionalism, compassion, and the true value of the services we provide.

  • September 23, 2013

    Now that we have a few minutes to stop and take a breath following our Mother's funeral, we want to try and express our thanks for all you and your assistants did for our family during that difficult time. We will never forget the night our mother died. Of course she was anxious and ready to pass away but as daughters, it was still difficult to see her take her last breath. We were worried about the process of taking her body away and then you and your father walked into her room. We have never felt such peace and reassurance. You were kind and thoughtful but most of all respectful of our sweet mother's body. You and your father even put a lovely red cover on her as you took her out of her home. This might not seem like an important gesture to some people but is was that added touch of kindness that meant the world to us at that tender moment! From that minute on, you made us feel as though we could trust you with every single detail we would have to face in the coming days. Our family knew we could lean on you and you wouldn't let us fall. When it came time to dress our mother, we were impressed with how beautiful the room was and again you thought of every detail and you never left our side. We were a little nervous of course but knowing you were there made that experience run smoothly creating a very sweet memory for us. When we arrived at the church the following morning, you made the viewing room look so elegant and again every detail was in place from the basket of tissues to the bottles of water available for the guests. The beautiful touch that truly made us cry was when we saw the lovely handkerchief your wife had made for our mother to hold in her hands. What a lovely gesture and please thank her for us! We loved the fact that you were there giving us your calm reassurance that all would go smoothly the rest of the day and it did thanks to you and your assistants. We know we are going on and on about what seem to be the smallest details but seriously all those supposedly little things put together became big which helped to make the experience of loosing our mother more bearable. We know our mother would have been very pleased with the way that event unfolded and there wasn't one thing we would have changed. Matt, while going through that process, you became a friend and not just someone from a mortuary. We had lost our father over twenty years ago and having gone through loosing a parent before, there is no comparison in those two experiences. Thank you for giving such a precious gift to our family while we were going through a very emotional stressful time. You were an answer to our prayers and we wish you well as you assist other families, they will be lucky to have you on their side just as we were. You truly are a blessing to others.

    Diane Harper & Kriss Halladay
  • July 14, 2012

    Words cannot express the gratitude that our family has for you, the support that you provided to our family was above and beyond our expectations. The respect and compassion that you showed to our loved one gave us peace with his passing. Your facility was very nice and comforting. We can't imagine using anyone but you. Thank you so very much!

    The Fehr's
  • May 21, 2012

    I can't thank you enough for your amazing services to our family during this trying time. My mother, as well as myself, could not be happier with the level of care and attention taken for my brother. The extra touches went a long way and will not be forgotten. Thank you again!

    Lisa Almeida
  • May 15, 2012

    We stand in awe of all you are and all that you do. Thank you for all of the love and patience you have had with the family. We have so appreciated all of the tender, loving care that you have shown first with Dad and now with Mom. You have patiently waited on details, such as Mom trying to decide what to have placed on the headstone, always with such professionalism. You have cared for everyone's feelings and input with genuine concern for all. We have witnessed genuine concern, a reverence about the care of the bodies, and as you beautifully have chosen: "Dignity in Every Detail". It has certainly been done. We appreciate your special touch. The mints and chocolates, the beautiful programs, the gloves for the pallbearers, your remaining behind to insure that the bodies are laid to rest properly. You are very detail oriented and it shows and is very much appreciated. The room was arranged just right. It was warm and inviting, open and spacious, and conducive to greeting others and allowing them to linger a bit. You have a gift! Thank you for sharing it with us. You are remarkable and we would certainly tell that to anyone.

    John & Karen Dean
  • April 28, 2012

    Losing a loved one is never easy, and the role of the mortuary plays such an important part in the final preparations for saying goodbye to your loved one. We were so fortunate to find Utah Valley Mortuary and Matt Davis. His service to us was beyond what we expected and he was so caring and kind to the whole family. He was aware of the small details and helped us immensely from the first time we met with him through the planning of the funeral and even working with the cemetery to schedule the burial. The service was very personalized and their kindness in our time of sorrow really helped us through this very difficult situation. I would highly recommend Utah Valley Mortuary and Matt Davis if you are looking for someone who is honest, upfront with pricing and very detail-oriented. We are so grateful for the caring way that Matt and his wife, Linda, went to work for us after the passing of our mother. Should the need arise, we would not hesitate to use Utah Valley Mortuary again.

    Jerry & Linda Beard
  • February 15, 2012

    We cannot adequately express our sincere appreciation for the exceptional personal assistance you gave while providing the necessary funeral services for our mother. It was by chance we called and arranged to meet, first with your dear wife, and later with you to discuss our mother's funeral arrangements. However, the dignity, respect and integrity you displayed during our conversations immediately convinced us the Utah Valley Mortuary would be our first and only choice. We were not mistaken. Every detail, from our first conversations to the graveside burial in Byron, Wyoming was meticulously handled. And, we might add, was noticed and respected by everyone who attended or participated in Mother's funeral. We have, and will continue to have, the highest regard for you and your family members who so conscientiously assisted and gave us the full assurance that what we desired and expected would be carried our without a single flaw. Please be assured that we will eagerly refer others to you without hesitation. We feel confident that in a very short time you will be the "Premier" funeral service provider in Utah Valley.

    Colleen Thorstenson & Doug Powelson & Families
  • October 03, 2011

    We just wanted to express our gratitude to all of you for the amazing job you did for the McBride family. Dad truly couldn't have been treated any better. It's funny - I said, "Man, they think of every detail," before I noticed your slogan, "Dignity in Every Detail". How fitting for the work you do. Every family deserves to have such a special tribute to those they love. Thank you, thank you, for making a fond memory out of a heart breaking situation.

    Paul & Natalie McBride
  • September 21, 2011

    Thank you so much for all the extra care you gave my sisters and my family during the recent passing of our mother, Shirley Lytle. From our first encounter, when I asked if I could see her, you didn't miss a beat and made that happen for me. You and your wife, really captured the essence of my Mom. The pretty pink dress with embroidered butterflies is what she would have picked out for herself. Her hair and expression was so her. That was very comforting for both Ruth and I. I cannot express how much this meant to us both. You made this whole process as easy as it could possibly be. The service was beautiful, and having you handle every detail, legal paperwork, obituary, the minister, flowers, the interment in Ogden and transporting the Urn all helped so much. The crowning touches were the handmade handkerchiefs, bookmarks, the wonderful programs you did for us. It was all so beautiful. As you know, my husband sadly was unable to travel because of some medical issues. He was very close to my mom and he send a eulogy that was read by my nephew. Shortly after I returned home to Oregon, we received a CD in the mail of the entire service. It was enclosed in a beautiful cover. My husband and I sat and listened to the entire service and he was able to hear what a nice job our nephew did on reading his eulogy. Matt, I went through this whole process with my Father when he passed in 1993 and while they handled the service and did and ok job, it was not extraordinary. Our experience with Utah Valley Funerals was dramatically different. Your caring and commitment to making sure every detail was covered was very clear from the beginning and throughout the process, your personal touch and compassion was extraordinary. Thank you so much. If you ever have customers who want to want references please feel free to contact me. I will strongly recommend your services and you as an extraordinary person.

    Marilyn Salci